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Modicon / Schnieder Electric PLC Controls systems repair
Siemens Simatic 505 and S5 PLC module repair
Allen Bradley SLC 500 PLC 2 PLC 5 Versaview PLC Power Supply mand control systems module repair
Texas Instruments 500 system PLC Programmable Controller module power supply analog / digital control system repair

Allen Bradley SLC 500 1746-P power supply repair

Power supplies can fail for many reasons (over current, power surges, excessive heat, component failure due to age). We are able to repair most power supplies no matter what has caused them to fail, at a price well below the cost of replacement. Power supply repairs come with a 1 year warranty. Discounts and financing are available with approved credit. So why wait get a free quote now!
Allen Bradley 1746-P1 1746-P2 1746-P3 1746-P4 1746-P5 1746-P6 1746-P7 power supply repair
Get Quote 1746-P1 SLC 500 120 or 220V AC in 24V DC Out 0.2A 42 Watt Power Supply
Get Quote 1746-P2 SLC 500 120 or 220V AC in 24V DC out 0.2A 70 Watt Power Supply
Get Quote 1746-P4 SLC 500 120 or 220V AC in 24V DC out 1.0A 92 Watt Power Supply
Get Quote 1746-P5 SLC 500 125V DC in 24V DC out 0.2A 85 Watt Power Supply
Get Quote 1746-P6 SLC 500 48V DC in 24V DC out 0.2A 100 Watt Power Supply
Get Quote 1746-P7 SLC 500 12 or 24V DC in 0.2A 75 Watt @ 24V DC 50 Watt @ 12V DC Power Supply